Sunday 2nd October 2022

Race info

Dog rules

  • Only 1 dog per participant (also see FAQ “What if I have 2 or more dogs?”).
  • Dogs must hold a valid and current dog registration with their respective city council.
  • Minimum age for dog participation is 9 months (2.4/5/10km), 12 months (16km/half marathon), and 15 months (full marathon). Age is as per age on race day.
  • Participants will be expected to be responsible/tolerant pet owners and must maintain effective control of their dog at all times.
  • Dogs will need to be well socialised and in a healthy enough condition to participate. No female dogs on heat please.
  • Training with your dog is recommended for all entry distances (considered essential for the half and full marathon).
  •  If any dog appears to be under distress or harm, the race day vet reserves the right to cease participation.
  • Dogs must wear a dog band (provided in your registration pack) around their collar that must include the dog’s name, participant race number, and an emergency contact number. This emergency contact must be available to pick up the dog in event of pet/owner separation, minor injury, or if the dog retires early from the event.
  • Participants must carry dog leads (no retractable leads please), fold away dog drinking cups (16km/21km/42km only), and biodegradable dog poop bags at all times. Dog drinking cups and dog poop bags will be provided in the registration pack.
  • There will be compulsory vet checks at 11km (16km), 11km/17km (Half Marathon), and 6.5km/17.5km/23km/28.5km (Full Marathon) to assess the well being of dogs and their ability to continue to participate safely.
  • For safety reasons, all dogs will be required to be on the lead at the start/finish area. One kilometre from the start line, participants will be given the opportunity to have their dogs off lead if they are confident they can maintain effective control of their dog throughout the duration of the course. One hundred metres from the finish line, all dogs will be required to be back on lead again. Note: Dogs that are classified as ‘dangerous or menacing’ must be kept on the lead and muzzled at all times for the safety of other dogs/owners. Full marathon only: All dogs are required to be on lead for 10km from the 7km mark due to local bird habitat. This area will be signposted.
  • Human/dog retire policy – If both parties decide to retire, then please make your way to the nearest aid station and advise event marshals. If an owner wishes to continue without their dog, it is their responsibility to make sure that their dog is picked up and cared for by a friend/family member. This exchange can be achieved at vet check points, aid stations, and designated ‘Spectator Points’ (see course maps).
  • Please clean up after your dog.

Human rules

  • Minimum age for human participation is 5 years (2.4km), 10 years (5km), 12 years (10km), 16 years (16km/half marathon), and 18 years (full marathon). Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Age is as per age on race day.
  • Your race bib number must be pinned to the front of your shirt and be visible at all times.
  • At all times, obey instructions given to you by event officials and marshals. If asked to put your dog on a lead, then please comply.
  • Please note that Bottle Lake Forest will be open to the public so respect the rights of other walkers/runners, mountain bikers, and horse riders. The majority of the course avoids mountain bike and horse tracks but you will cross these tracks so be cautious. The main horse/mountain bike intersections will be sign posted.
  • Marathoners will need to have the capacity to carry 1.5L of water and it is recommended that half marathoners have the capacity to carry 1L of water. This is predominantly a requirement for those participating with dogs.
  • Walkers are requested to walk no more than two abreast on narrow single trail. Please keep left and give way to faster runners on the right.
  • Please no wheeled conveyances e.g. bikes, wheel chairs, child buggies (single sand tracks will make these problematic).
  • Please no littering.
  • Those who willingly disobey dog/human rules and affect the health and safety of others will be disqualified and asked to leave.

Race registration

There will be three options for race registration this year:

  • Friday 30 September – Further Faster (57A Buchan Street, Sydenham) between 4-6pm.
  • Saturday 1 October Bottle Lake Forest Visitor Centre (Waitikiri Drive) between 1-4pm.
  • Out-of-towners only – Sunday 2 October (race day) at Bottle Lake Forest Visitor Centre (Waitikiri Drive) between 7.30-930am. Full marathon race day registration not permitted.
  • If you cannot make these times, please arrange for another person to pick up your race pack. They will just need to know your name and what distance you have entered.

Race briefing, start times, and cut-off times

  • Full marathon walkers start time 6.30am (compulsory race briefing 6.20am) * may need head torches
  • Full marathon runners start time 7am (compulsory race briefing 6.50am)
  • 2.4km start time 8am (compulsory race briefing 7.50am)
  • Half marathon start time 9am (compulsory race briefing 8.50am)
  • 16km start time 9.30am (compulsory race briefing 9.20am)
  • 10km start time 10am (compulsory race briefing 9.50am)
  • 5km start time 10.30am (compulsory race briefing 10.20am)
  • Marathon only cut-off time – 32km by 1pm i.e. by 6 hours
  • Course closure and medical support ceases at 3pm

Transfers and refunds

  • Transfers to another person are permitted but include a $20 processing fee.
  • Transfers between distances are permitted as long as any increase in fee is paid. There will be no partial refunds if downgrading.
  • No person to person transfers or transfers between distances will be permitted from 10 September.
  • Transfers apply to future years.
  • Refund protection is provided by Booking Protect and can be purchased at the time of entering with a 14-day cooling off period (cannot be purchased retrospectively after entering). Booking Protect will cover the cost of your entry fee only (not travel and associated expenses). Cover will be provided for certain unforeseen circumstances such as accident/injury/illness/death to the participant or their immediate family, pre-existing medical conditions/pregnancy, adverse weather conditions preventing travel, court summons/jury service, private vehicle failure (including breakdown, fire, theft, accident etc), home emergency (including burglary, fire, flood etc), redundancy, military personnel called up overseas, and relocation. Please note, Booking Protect will not provide a refund for ‘change of mind’ or if the event is cancelled by the organiser (see 4 Paws Marathon event cancellation refund policy below). See exactly what is covered in the Booking Protect Terms and Conditions.
  • Booking Protect also provides some COVID-19 cover. Cover will be provided if the participant or an immediate family member falls ill or passes away due to COVID-19 preventing them from taking part in the event as planned. Please note, not being able to participate due to a government travel ban, fear/concern of catching coronavirus, or change of mind will not be covered. See the Booking Protect website for further COVID-19 information.
  • 4 Paws Marathon event cancellation policy – In the event of any ‘Act of God’ (including but not limited to adverse weather conditions, unforeseen government lockdowns, changes in government traffic light system, war/invasion/enemy hostilities/terrorism, insurrection/civil commotion/or similar) causing cancellation of the event, total entry fees will generally be considered non-refundable. Any full or partial refund will be at the discretion of the event organiser taking into consideration the timing of any ‘Act of God’ instance and the event expenses incurred to date.

Event waiver

I have read all the information supplied on the website and accept the conditions of entry. I undertake to follow all event rules and instructions. I take personal responsibility for my/my dog’s fitness and actions during this event. I accept that exercising and participating in an event involving dogs has inherent risks. I understand that the event organiser cannot be held responsible for the actions of dogs, horses, or any members of the public during this event. As such I, my family, heirs and executioners of any estate discharge the event organiser, sponsors, and all other persons involved in the event of any liability, claims/damages related to personal injury, loss/damage to equipment, or any other matter arising from this event. I authorise my personal details, voice, and picture to be used without payment in any capacity related to the event. I understand that if I am under the age of 16 that this entry had to be made by my parent or guardian.